Assembly 145 Election Day Tuesday

If you live within these boundaries

It’s election day. You get to be an arbiter in an internecine battle royale among the two South Buffalo Irish Democratic machines of Mickey Kearns (who is running inexplicably as a Republican) and Chris Fahey, who is supported by the Higgins faction. 

Make all those robocalls and intrusive mailers worthwhile!



  • OMG run, take cover, hide the kids…Mickey, a DEM, is running as a Republican to stop the rubber stamp of Sheldon Silver. He must be a terrible person. Pun-dick always gets it right. DEM = model citizen, GOP = the devil (except Ray Walter of course)

  • Biting analysis!

  • When it comes to anal-ysis you’re the best!

  • Right wing men seem to be obsessed with male body parts and poopy. They weren’t raised very well as evidenced by the quality of politicians they worship. Back to the closet Frank!

  • @Bbill or should I call you Dick? Anyone who uses two 2 b’s to start their name needs to stay deep in the closet. Funny how you liberals love to protect each other. Let Ben-dick-o fight his own battle.

  • If Chris Farley (uh, Fahey) were the turncoat Dem running as a Repub, he would be the Incubus.
    Beyond doubt.

  • What’s fascinating here is that I didn’t write a single word in support of either candidate – each of whom is a Democrat. You people are out of your minds.

  • Even funnier is that Frank seems to be supporting Kearns for no other reason than his choice to be the nominal Republican. Mind you, Kearns has not given any indication that he has changed any of his viewpoints or policies, or that he will caucus with anyone other than the Democrats if elected. But Frank has decided to give him his full support just for wearing the GOP hat for a day. Brilliant.

    I look forward to his phallic-laden response.

  • @Mike I’ll make it a feminine as I can, you pussy. If you follow my points with pun-pussy you will see he supports DEMS strictly because they are DEMS (insert except Ray Walter here). I on the other hand tend to look at the candidate’s qualifications. I will not vote in this race because I don’t live in the district. If I did, I would be voting for a DEM who is on the GOP line because I feel he is far more qualified than baby Huey. Now get your panties out of a bunch and get me a beer.

  • @Frank – Your intelligence is impressive. As is your tendency to insult people from behind the safety of a computer and vague name.

    You are a classic example of why a growing percentage of this country believes that Republicans are moronic assholes.

  • @Mike you are a complete tool. You attack me, then cry when I call you a name and then you throw a shot at the GOP. Get a life dude. You and the balding blogger make good bed fellows. I hide from idiots like you because I actually think you are crazy.

    • And yet Mike uses his real name, unafraid of the anonymous, misogynist fucknut. It’s always the right wing who are afraid of the consequences of their words, isn’t it?

  • I knew it wouldn’t be long before you had to use the f word. Bad boy.

  • who is running inexplicably as a Republican

    I don’t care who wins, but how it that inexplicable?

    Isn’t it obviously because NY doesn’t hold primaries for special elections, the ballots aren’t non-partisan, and Mark Schroeder who ran unopposed for comptroller wouldn’t resign in time for the seat to be filled in last Fall’s regular elections. If he had, then taxpayers wouldn’t have to fund this special, the race would have been decided by a lot more voters showing up, and Kearns could have run in a D primary.

    Didn’t the decision to cause a special mean the party org’s choice would essentially run unopposed in that overwhelmingly D district unless a D was willing to run on the R line?

    Looks very explicable.

    • Inexplicable because he’s no Republican. There’s nothing that he believes that comports with Republican ideology or the platform.

      But now that he’s won, that’s one more Democrat in that body, and I can’t wait for the analysis in a few years at the inevitable rapprochement between Kearns and Silver, unless Kearns switches parties, in which case he’ll be that most useless political castrato – the Assembly Republican.

  • @Starbuck..simply brilliant!

  • I have no doubts that Silver will find a way to line Mickey pockets so that there will be harmony. It’s the DEM way. You should be proud of your party.

  • Inexplicable because he’s no Republican.

    Grisanti’s run as an R vs. A.T. was equally inexplicable?

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