WNY Car Fans: A Special Estate Sale

Brock Yates, car legend and longtime editor of Car & Driver, most known for the “Cannonball Run” (real & imagined), is selling off a bunch of his household possessions and memorabilia in Wyoming, NY March 15  – 17. You can see images from the estate sale here

HT Jalopnik


  • Really… I mean REALLY. Thanks now I’m going to have to take Friday morning off of work to beat Frank there.

  • Sorry I meant tomorrow morning…

  • newwayofthinking

    Well it seems to me that me and Ol’ Brock don’t have much in common…besides th Battleship game of course.

  • Has he fallen into dire financial straits? Some of the items pictured – clothing and like personal items – suggests that.

  • Wow! And I thought I was a pack ratter!

  • I came away from looking at the photos online pretty disappointed. It looks like anybody’s weekend sale, only more so!

    And to Max — according to the news story, he and his wife have moved to Victor to be closer to civilization in their advanced age.

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