Who’s Ahead?

The sole debate between former Higgins staffer Chris Fahey and Common Councilman Mickey Kearns took place yesterday in the Buffalo News’ newsroom. The two were questioned by veteran reporters Bob McCarthy and Brian Meyer, but the vast majority of the questions surrounded horse race crap. Why is Kearns running as a Republican? Fahey is Silver’s puppet! Kearns is Paladino’s puppet! Kearns has kids! By the way, did you know he has a wife and kids? Downstate Interests! Republicans! Sheldon Silver! 

Incidentally, a Democrat running as a Republican whose sole platform plank involves not voting for Sheldon Silver as Assembly Speaker is utterly useless. Seriously, if elected to the Assembly, Kearns will be able to hone his Sudoku skills and little else. (This is why we need a nonpartisan, unicameral legislature and a completely new Albany political structure, but that’s something for another time.)

Horse race inside baseball who’s up, who’s down crap is McCarthy’s specialty. He doesn’t seem to understand or care that the horse race is just the path to attaining and exercising some sort of political power. 

Discussion of actual issues was almost non-existent. The handful of people who watched this mid-day screw-you-no-SCREW-YOU brawl learned almost nothing about the candidates’ positions or platforms. 

This state has some problems. This region has some problems. What are your priorities to fix some of them, or at least ease them? Maybe next time someone ask that. 


  • This was fucking insulting. The reason they’re running against one another is the South Buffalo political machine backed Byron Brown and not Kearns as a mayoral candidate (as if you didn’t already know that). Mistake that it was, it was detrimental to Mickey’s feelings. As a voter, I still know nothing about Fahey or what his stance is on anything. I know more about Leslie Knope’s stance on ramp placement in Pawnee. I’ve heard people in South Buffalo say to vote for Kearns because Fahey has been anointed by Higgins. The fact is they’ve both been groomed by the same people. They come from the same cut, so what the difference? There isn’t one no matter who occupies the 145th seat they’ll be useless.

  • Oh and Fahey is such an independant voice. He’s nobody’s puppet. You’re(not your) such a liberal tool.

  • Frank, to whom is your comment addressed?

  • McCarthy knows elections, nothing else. He wouldn’t recognize an actual platform if it bit him on the ass. He is a waste of oxygen at any debate.

  • I don’t know…some know-it-all, balding DEM puppet. I know you printed a small dig on your boy Fahey but let’s see but about 6 against Kearns. Your (not you’re) act is now running thin on AV.

  • 1. Why is DEM capitalized in that way?
    2. I criticized the debate and how this race is about nothing of substance and merely about the horse race and inside baseball stuff.
    3. You have trouble reading, or didn’t read. Here’s what I wrote:

    Why is Kearns running as a Republican? Fahey is Silver’s puppet! Kearns is Paladino’s puppet! Kearns has kids! By the way, did you know he has a wife and kids? Downstate Interests! Republicans! Sheldon Silver!

    Of the 8 things shown there, I read 3 hits on Kearns, and 5 on Fahey. Kearns is highlighting the fact that he has a family and Fahey is single and doesn’t. Sheldon Silver appears twice – that’s a hit on Fahey. Downstate interests is the Paladino/GOP attack on Fahey’s links to Silver.

    Maybe my “act is now running thin” because you’re an illiterate ignorant? Just a thought.

  • So these are our 2 choices….and people wonder why WNY has gone down the tubes…Same old song….just a different year……..

  • Just a thought…your thoughts suck, DEM.

  • Thats Flucked up!

  • I don’t follow this argument between Alan and Frank. I was reading about Rush’s current PR issues and came across the same thing. Someone just shouting “LIB” or “DEM” for no apparent reason. Is this now the Tea Party’s form of defense? I know that smart, logical Conservatives exist. I just like to know where they are hiding. I can say that I’m neither (save your energy Frank, calling me a Lib, Dem, Commie or elitist will be a waste of the 8 calories you’ll burn typing it). I’d like to think I can make an educated decision based platform and personality. Who will you be voting for Frank?

  • I know that smart, logical Conservatives exist. I just like to know where they are hiding.

    You’ll find a bunch of them here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/20th_century

  • Well played Bill, well played.

  • @Sean, unfortunately like Alan I cannot vote in that election. The point I make, if you follow the follically chanlenged blogger you will find he outright hates just about anyone who is a Republican. (Ok Alan now say how good a friend Ray walter is…) He can’t effectively be critial of any issue because all he sees is DEM or GOP. The man needs to get some anger management help.

    • Yes, I should always treat insulting trolls respectfully.

      Also, Mickey Kearns isn’t a Republican – he just happens to be running on that line out of convenience because he is at war with the Higgins camp. IOW, this race in 145 has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with partisan party politics. Anyone who pays even scant attention to local politics knows that.

      Have a great day!

  • Sean, you’ll find the American Middle Class hiding in that link as well.

  • I do follow Alan and I think he’d agree with me, where are the level headed conservatives? You can’t tell me that conservatives are putting their best people in the spotlight. Mickey is far from conservative, I can’t speak to Fahey and no one really can. You can bash him because of the company he keeps but that’s silly. The republicans that Alan disagrees with are usually crazy and out of touch. Mickey is out for Mickey that’s a known fact around SB. If he can prove otherwise then “the more power to him” as they say. I think Fahey would be good for the 145th because he young and has a lot to prove. As for him being a puppet for the South Buffalo machine… well like I said he has a lot to prove.

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