Grisanti to Receive Endorsement of Other Horrible Transactional Fusion Party

At 1:30 pm today, a press conference will be held in Buffalo to announce that the Independence Party, which is neither independent nor really any sort of political party with any firm ideology or platform aside from the personal ambitions of its leadership, will endorse Mark Grisanti for re-election. 

This comes quickly on the heels of the recent announcement that the Conservative Party, which is hardly conservative nor really any sort of political party with a firm and consistent set of policy positions except for a generalized abhorrence of gays, modern society, and taxes, will attempt to throw WNY under a massive bendy bus by endorsing reprehensible homophobic retread Chuck Swanick – star of the mid-last-decade county financial meltdown – in a deal cut with former Pedro Espada patronage hire Steve Pigeon.  With Espada’s indictment, Pigeon finds himself needing something more to do than just ally himself with Albany-based cults.  

Also, Swanick received the endorsement of the reactionary homophobic bigots at the improperly named “National Organization for Marriage“. 

If you want to stop how pitifully transactional our local politics have become, and begin cleaning things up; if you want to promote good policy and less patronage-laden dealmaking, abolish electoral fusion in New York State. 


  • The real joke here is what percentage of people who are registered independent out of pure ignorance or “deception” depending on how you look at it. During my campaign I met HUNDREDS of people who stated emphatically that they were “registered Independent, and therefore could vote in either primary for whomever they wanted” As I didn’t have time to give these people a lesson in how they were actually registered I typically just shook my head and walked away. I concluded that unless the average citizen’s family income is directly effected by the results of election, most people have no clue as to how the election system actually works. The founders of the “Independent party” must have been inspired by George Orwell.

  • I have to agree with that Rory. People I know that annually toil gathering
    petitions signatures for Democratic candidates and also for said candidates on
    minor party lines, tell me that those Independence signatures are the roughest
    because as often as not they get rebuffed by people saying they’re not registered in any party.

    Remember the Independance Party was inflicted on this state by Tom Golisano.
    What a legacy!

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