Potential Failbug Infestation

Chuck Swanick left office about 8 years ago, and when he did, everyone was sick of his careerist political transactionalism.

And his sweaters.

Endorsing Chuck Swanick is like endorsing genital warts. No one likes it, and it’s really dirty.

So, it only takes about 8 years to attempt a political comeback, complete with support from one of the most detestable, transactional, valueless minor fusion party bosses – all because Republican Mark Grisanti had the audacity to vote his conscience on same-sex marriage. Why Swanick – aside from the fact that he’s a political rehash who evokes vivid memories of only the most recent financial county meltdown? 

“Chuck Swanick is pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-Second Amendment and a fiscal conservative,” said Erie County Conservative Chairman Ralph C. Lorigo.

Peas in a pod of closed-minded hatred, sweatervests, pompadours, and failure.


  • all because Republican Mark Grisanti had the audacity to vote his conscience on same-sex marriage

    Quite the contrary, I don’t think it’s about that at all. I think Geek has it right in today’s Grumpy — along with the Niagara County conservatives from their first decrial of this: this is all about another Steve Pigeon Machiavellian maneuver. Speaking of — in reference to your title — insidious pests that, once established, are nearly impossible to eradicate.

    Even folks who haven’t hesitated to embrace Pigeonista support for their favorite candidates are outragin’ on this: http://wnymedia.net/2012/02/the-bottom-of-the-barrel/

    Chuck Swanick is the Alfreda Slominski of 2012 — except like twice as harmful.

    • For Pigeon to try and resurrect Swanick as part of a Machiavellian maneuver, he must think people are (a) stupid; or (b) have short attention spans. Or maybe it’s just pot-stirring.

  • Damn, you were so close. The correct answer is (d) all of the above.

  • Well I’ve been a voice arguing for a progressive Democrat to be running for this
    seat so that we’re not caught in the switches. Hopefully one will still emerge. As for Steve Pigeon, since he lost Pedro Espada two years ago he’s been looking for another Senator to blackmail both parties. Take it to the bank that’s what will happen if we in Erie County are stupid enough to vote for Chuck Swanick. We already have that gang of four in Albany caucusing separately, just imagine if Swanick and Pigeon get to Albany and enter the mix.

  • BTW, I forgot to include this reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wolf_in_the_Fold

  • “Endorsing Chuck Swanick is like endorsing genital warts.”

    Funniest thing I’ve read anywhere in weeks. Sadly, it’s also true.

  • It is a money making scheme for Pigeon, if Swanick wins, even better for him. Pigeon goes to his money men, Hormoz or the Nanulas, says Hey, give me $20 grand for Swanick. They give the money to his shell business, used to be GSDP, he takes a cut of the money, say $5,000, then gives the rest to Swanick’s campaign directly or to a shell committee to spend illegally on behalf of Swanick.

  • “pro-life, pro-traditional marriage, pro-Second Amendment and a fiscal conservative”

    …all time tested code words for a sexually repressed, self loathing sociopath on the verge of a salacious sex and/or abuse of office scandal!
    Steve Pigeon is a political social disease.
    it’s a match made in Heaven*.

    (*the Albany bath house, not the other place)

  • OK, here’s where I need help. Lorigo screws Grisanti allegedly based on two votes, gay marirage and the what they call the millionaire’s tax. Therefore, it is fair to extrapolate that Swanick is opposed to gay marriage and Governor’s Cuomo’s tax plan that again they call the millionaire’s tax.

    Except, Swanick has now refused to take a public position on gay marriage. And he says he supports Governor Cuomo’s economic policies which would then mean the alleged millionaire’s tax.

    So either:

    * Ralph Lorigo is the dumbest f*** walking the earth and never asked Swanick the right questions.
    * Swanick lied, which given that the fact his godfather is scumbag Steve Pigeon means lying is just par for the course.
    * Swanick/Pigeon/Lorigo stand for nothing but money and power and none of the issues ever mattered and now their scheme is starting to fall apart because Pigeon never wins anything, only creates chaos and Lorigo’s bullshit is now under the microscope with the deep pockets of Giambra and Maziarz gunning for his head.

    Swanick was a two-bit Legislature. If he thinks he can fudge his way through answer on policy questions, he’s going to learn quick. So Chuck, do you support Cuomo’s millionaire’s tax or not? We want to know.

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