NYS Food Map

NYS Foodie Map by Shannon Glazer

This map was created by Shannon Glazer and uploaded at Buffalo.com. I was most surprised to learn that “pizza rolls” is a thing.


  • Love this, Shannon — especially delimiting the Soda/Pop line! But how could you miss Beans & Greens (which I heard of & tried for the first time in DT ‘Cuse when I was doing a budget project for On Cty.)–?

  • BTW, the Spitzer inaugural was a high point for NY regional food. The Spitzers and the Pattersons were on the lookout for regional food specialties throughout the campaign, and invited the best representatives to serve up in Empire State Plaza after the inaugural.

    In fact, their very first campaign bus stop after being nominated at the convention in Buffalo was in my then-neighborhood in RaChaCha, which is where the original Nick Tahou’s is located. After the press event in the neighborhood park, I went with Patterson, Silda, and their staffs to Nick Tahous where they got Garbage Plates & bought t-shirts. They kept handing me cameras, and I spent about 10 minutes taking pictures of everyone there.

    They then invited Alex Tahou & crew to serve up Plates after the inaugural. In fact, they turned over the Empire State Plaza cafeteria kitchen to them. Spitzer didn’t come by because he was receiving guests at the Capitol, but his daughters had Plates.

    Good times!

    I’ll note that the NY State Fair can also be a good place to find regional fare from around the state — but I’d love to see them do more of it.

  • beef on weck?

  • I live in pizza roll country. There are actually deep fried calzones. And they are the only thing that might be better than a garbage plate at 3am.

  • A thick circle around Ithaca for vegetarian/organic/local/free range/cruelty free.

    It’s pop in Watkins Glen, and soda in Ithaca; the dividing line is the Tompkins/Schuyler county line. I’ve ordered pop in Ithaca, and gotten strange looks and even a “what?”

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