Fact-Checking McCarthy's Story About Grisanti's Money

Courtesy Tom Dolina at Tommunisms.com

Bob McCarthy reports in Thursday’s Buffalo News that State Senator Mark Grisanti (SD-60) reported receiving “nearly $247,000” and that, of the 85 reported donors, only one was from western New York.

The insinuation here is that Grisanti’s local support is slipping, and that he’s dependent on money from outside the region to mount next year’s re-election bid.  It’s an insinuation that is false, and McCarthy is deliberately ignoring or confused by the fact that Grisanti has chosen voluntarily to follow an unnecessarily stringent financial disclosure pattern for a State Senator in a non-election year.

1. All of the checks from outside the area arose from a fundraiser that New York Mayor Bloomberg held in October for Republican Senators who voted in favor of the same sex marriage bill last summer. At that fundraiser, most donors pledged money, and the pledges were fulfilled in early December, and reported in January.

2. When Grisanti files, he itemizes every single donation – even if it’s under the $100 threshold – in order to maximize transparency.  He files to make sure everything is out there, because he has nothing to hide.

3. Grisanti held several local fundraisers during previous reporting periods, but none during the time covered by the January periodic, which would have started in mid-December.

4. If you look at Grisanti’s disclosure (and compare it to that of Maziarz, Kennedy, and Ranzenhofer), he filed pursuant to the tighter election year schedule despite the fact that 2011 was not an election year for him.  In his unnecessary 32 day pre-primary filing, most of his individual donations came from within WNY.  All of the individual donations in the 11 day pre-primary disclosure were from WNY.  In the 32 day pre-general filing, only one individual donation came from outside WNY.

5. Had Grisanti, like his colleagues, opted not to follow that tighter election-year cycle during the last half of 2011, all of those pre-primary and pre- and post-general election disclosures would have been contained in the January filing that McCarthy wrote about.

6. The shorter version is, Grisanti’s January disclosure only covers December 2011. The other Senators’ disclosures covers July – December 2011.

So, McCarthy’s insinuation about Grisanti’s support coming almost exclusively from outside the area, and that this is somehow out of the ordinary for a State Senator, is not a fair representation of the facts in this particular instance.



  • Alan, you just don’t know how Ol’ Bob writes or tries to pitch his story…what he was TRYING to infer was that Grisanti received a whole boatload of money in exchange for his vote on same-sex marriage. When looked at from HIS point of view, it becomes clear that the vote more than paid for itself. However, you are correct that the bigger picture shows that Grisanti’s has broad based support, and the influx of the “gay” money is just a bonus.

  • This misses a bigger point- one I thought of while driving round Rochester yesterday on the day of Kodak’s funeral and listening to the local right-wing radio nutjob instead running this same smack on THEIR turncoat GOP senator.

    What I wanted to call in and say is, yeah, Bob, and how much of the NOM NOM NOM money that’s coming in by the bagful, putting up those anti-Alessi signs there (and anti-Grisanti signs here) is local? Oh, right- you don’t have to disclose your unlimited-fund donors if they’re opposing a candidate, not supporting one.

    Never would have made it past the call screener.

  • It baffels me that McCarthy and Okun still pull pay checks from the Buffalo News. This rag needs new blood, young blood!

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