Collins and His Car

The best thing about being rid of Chris Collins in elected office is that his daily fits of pique are now just comical. Collins is a millionaire – he can very well pay to remove county equipment from his personal car, but he amazingly demands the county pay for it. The equipment – lights and a radio that Collins had installed because he chose to do so – belongs to the county, and Collins can either have the county remove it for him or he can remove it himself. But because emergency services is now run by a guy he fired, he doesn’t want them touching his car.

The county never should have, however, withheld Collins’ paycheck – it’s against the law to do that, and it’s right that this was undone. So, the ball is in Collins’ court. He can take his car to a mechanic, park in a handicapped spot, and have it removed himself at his own expense. He can ask the county to pay for the removal, or he can perhaps write it off as a business expense, like he does the mileage he so proudly proclaims he never asked the county to reimburse.


  • money out the window

    An objective view of this story, and there is more to it to read on the other paper, shows an ugly truth about those in our local government, they are children taking shots at each other.
    If Poloncarz wants to come off as being the man of the people and wants to reach out to everyone, he would never have let this happen, it is petty and lacking in class. Instead he lets Danny Jr. take a shot at the guy who fired him. This is just stupid and unfortunately sets the tone for this administration’s “payback” mentality that will only cause problems going forward.

  • Why is a millionaire driving a Buick with 90000+ miles on it?

    Why is he so worried about the County radio shop removing the radio that they installed?

    Why not have the emergency radio removed from the valuable 90000+ miles Buick before he left office?

    Why is the millionaire County Executive (claiming to) work for free worried about a paycheck?

    When did our millionaire ex-County develop his deep concern for labor law and the rights of employees?

  • @Eldon
    1. Because he can. Should he just drive expensive sports cars?
    2. Because the same guys who installed it don’t work there any more thanks to our political payback new CE
    3. He was CE till the 31st…he let Poloncarz in early (being decent about it)
    4. Worried about a paycheck? Just because you have some money you should collect a payckeck. Go back to that little bubble in front of City Hall. That seems to be your only vision.
    5. Because he’s actually a smart CE vs a dumb political one in office now. The law is the law. Try obeying it some time. You might become a good citizen.

  • money out the window

    I just think the lesson here is just bad blood, sour grapes, BS that if I was the new CE would be the last thing in the world I would want to get out to the public. It makes him look small and vindictive.

  • Pls Pls run for Hochuls seat i would love to see your ars handed to you AGAIN CC is small CC is vindictive CC is Franks favorite..

  • And Mikey loves Polon-puke….bring on Hochul, she’s already pissed off her GOP constiuents…she’s a one term Congresswoman

  • Frank, in what way(s) has Kathy Hochul “pissed off” her GOP constituents — or anyone–? Deets, please.

  • Collins sure puts the “Ex” in County Executive!

  • @RaCha…go back and look at her remarks at Poloncarz victory speech…those words will haunt her brutally…count on it.

  • @RcCha…also forgot to add…she had a press release out before King Cuomo could finish his Billion dollar speech…at the time everyone thought it was just for Buffalo (as Brown indicated). Funny thing, she doesn’t represent Democratic Buffalo. She represents all the Republicans in towns like Clarence. Stick a fork in her! Run Collins run!

  • Maybe frank will become cc’s spokesman.Imagine the ….coming out of his mouth!!

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