As futile as it may have been, this simple act by new County Executive Poloncarz – a no vote on the county IDA, which is quick to hand out free money to its good friends for upscale housing – is ground-shaking.

For all the Republicans’ talk about how awful it is to redistribute wealth, they’re completely fine with it when the redistribution is going their way.

The jig is up.


  • Exactly how much “money” were they going to be handed? I thought it was tax breaks not grants.

    Free Money is what mark gave to entertainment groups. You call them culturals but other people call them entertainment venues.

    I agree that IDA breaks should not be given on upscale housing. But in this case Alan, wasn’t an older building being adapted to a new use to pull people into the city?

  • I think we should only give tax breaks to companies who specialize in wrapping advertisements on cars.

  • No I don’t think companies that wrap advertisements on cars should receive property/school tax breaks. We all get a break or no one does. We are all part of the our community.

    Chris? Do you know how much “free money” the good friends for upscale housing were going to receive? Is it in the form of a large grant? Bag of Cash? A check? Do they wire this free money to their upscale housing friends?

    How was the “Free Money” Mark gave to various entertainment venues around buffalo handed out? Is it in the form of a large grant? Bags of Cash? A check made out to the entertainment venues name?

    Or was it a tax incentive where no “free money” was handed to them?

    And for the record I don’t mind if true cultural groups get some support.

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