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The Western New York Food Truck Association, which is the unified voice of Buffalo’s food trucks, is still waiting for the City of Buffalo to draft, debate, vote on, and pass legislation that will legalize and regulate their business and movement within city limits. Buffalo Place, the organization that is in charge of regulating business activity in the downtown core, has already gone on record as pledging to follow whatever rules city government puts in place.

Legislation that was under consideration this past summer was tabled, and although the city was urged to resolve these issues before the weather turned lousy, it is now mid-December and the trucks are still waiting for a clear and concise set of rules under which to do business in the city. ┬áThe WNY Food Truck Association, in conjunctino with the Institute for Justice, have produced this video to explain what they want, and what’s at stake.

Please contact the Common Council and let them know that legislation should be passed to legalize and regulate these food trucks in Buffalo as soon as possible. Better still, you can sign this petition, which will result in an email being sent to the Mayor and each Common Council member.


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  • Something so simple that helps everyone: the food trucks, their clients, the weak economy. Yet this is so typical of Buffalo. Meanwhile, Portland, Oregon has over 600 food trucks/carts. This happened because city/county officials streamlined the licensing process. It’s a win-win for everyone. Check out “Food Carts Portland” at:


    “Buffalo: A place where good ideas come to die”

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