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On Sunday, I attended the “Santa’s Brunch” at the iconic “Salvatore’s Italian Garden” in Lancaster. (Yes, it was a buffet. Yes, they added the gratuity. Yes, they added 18% after tax for a buffet).

Lest anyone think Salvatore’s is full of nothing but tack, the work of a local artist is featured in a hallway towards the rear of the building. The “crying Santa” series is something to behold, as is the whole concept of Santa Claus interacting with the infant Savior.

Only baby Jesus can console Santa

Santa and the Hobo

Santa holds baby Jesus

An Angel appears to Santa and the Hobo

Santa prays over baby Jesus

How can the hobo afford clown makeup?


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  • Mixed metaphors?

  • You missed the best one – “Crying Santa” being consoled by Jesus next to a 9/11 monument.

  • Well, since you loved your visit to Salvatore’s, you’ll love this (from The Buffalo News, Good Morning Buffalo):

    Grandsons of noted restaurateur Russell J. Salvatore plan to have a soft opening today of their new place, Yolo, short for You Only Live Once and apparently no relation to other restaurants named Yolo in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; Nashville, Tenn.; and Skokie, Ill. It’s at 5841 Transit Road, south of Clarence Center Road, in what used to be Pietro’s Ristorante. Offering traditional American dishes in a casual and modern milieu, it will serve lunch and dinner. The grand opening will be next Monday.

    Hey, what R U trying to say about the paintings!?! They’re in nice frames with (apparently) actual brass plaques, so that means they’re serious art.

  • Did they have a Santa playing poker with the baby jeebus, 5 dogs and Elvis? Fucking tacky.

  • Check out that painting of Santa holding Baby Jesus. Santa looks like he is about 6-8, 450 lbs in that one.

    What is the message behind these portraits? That Santa is as real as Jesus? Or that Jesus is an imaginary as Santa Claus?

  • Now why the hell isn’t any of that at the Albright? What is Grouchos doing all day?

  • Dem Santas there … theeyat’s cleeyasee!

  • For your next art review, I think you should check out the Kleenex box and toilet-paper rolls for sale at the OLBS craft fair, or maybe the silk flower work at one of the local senior centers. Slow-moving targets are so easy to hit, after all!

  • Well, Kate, the funny thing is that I went to Salvatore’s not to critique the art, but to enjoy a Sunday Brunch with my kids and one set of grandparents, topped off with a visit with Santa himself. It wasn’t until I saw these wonderful pieces near the coat check that the visit became a blog post about art.

    Because what I do is write about what I find interesting and what I experience. I very seldom go out to do something for Artvoice. I do it for me, and if I think it’s interesting, it may find its way here.

    Thanks so much for your concern.

  • Stop the presses!! All you new Weeping Santa fans, did you know YOU TOO can own one of these pieces? It’s true:

    According to the website, a work of the artist titled The Storm In My Tears, a portrait of the Desert Storm war, is scheduled to be displayed in the George Bush Presidential Library.

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