Carl Haz a Sad

I aspire to someday find my name on the side of a decrepit, crumbling eyesore and embodiment of a bitter millionaire’s land speculation.

When the Paladinists aren’t recommending burning periodicals with which they disagree, their leader is busy sending out this sort of thing.

Also, this:

Without directly addressing the little put-upon millionaire’s temper tantrum (if the piece was so off the mark, why mention it, Carl?) wouldn’t it be great if a group of, say, #OccupyBuffalo protesters took a bunch of Artvoices every week and hawked them outside the perimeter of the Ellicott Square Building?


  • Well, I think I would be mad too if someone had accused me of doing something illegal based purely in speculation and no proof.

    If Carl had nothing to do with this and Caputo was speeding and resisted arrest, how do you expect him to prove it? You accuse him of something he can’t defend himself of while locking the entire thing in a total argument from ignorance.

    Then you suggest OccupyBuffalo protesters hand out Artvoices because… why? He doesn’t like being accused and is getting payback that is with in his rights? I don’t get it.

    I agree with you a lot Mr Pundit, but not on this one. You should let it go, at least until there is proof of his tampering.

    • Let’s just say, I have enough to speculate about the connection, but not enough to directly make the accusation, if you know what I’m saying.

  • Great chain-of-events documentation of the bullying by a petty tyrant who clearly suffers from the ‘small man’ syndrome.

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