Herman Cain Defeats Team Rocket

Congratulations to Herman Cain. In leaving the Presidential race Saturday, he:

1. Gave an inspirational speech taken from the hit movie Pokemon, spinning this as some big win for him;

2. Blamed his victims;

3. Reminded us that the accusations against him were untrue, but bowed out anyway; and

4. May someday be lucky enough to make it onto a Trivial Pursuit card.


  • This morning I just can’t bring myself to care about Cain. Perhaps I’ll be Abel to give Adam this Eve.

  • Well, that’s an interesting opinion. How many times and to who certainly didn’t matter to the Media when it was the male Gold-Digger John Kerry (who served in Vietnam, in case you forgot.) And Bill Clinton’s multiple manuevers with women had the media in tight ranked defense of him. Of course, those guys are Democrats, arent’ they? Skeletons in the closet NEVER matter if there’s a D after your name.

    But I really don’t think this was a media attack on whatever Cain did or didn’t do. We will never know if Clinton exposed himself to Paula Jones, or if he gave Ms Willey a nice reach-around, or raped Ms. Broderick, or the details of the Gennifer Flowers affair. Since all Democrats LOVED Clinton, and consider him one of the best Presidents EVER, what’s in your personal life should have no bearing.

    The media went after Cain for one reason, and one only. We cannot have an accomplished, educated, experienced black businessman whose forte’ is turning around businesses ready to fail, running against a non-accomplished, totally inexperienced, black President who has run up trillions of dollars in additional debt, with no good result.

  • I really enjoy the paranoids who believe that Cain is somehow the victim of the liberal media or some Democratic Party conspiracy. The guy was a fraud from the beginning and probably never had any intention of completing his run for the White House. He accomplished his mission – to raise his profile so that he can become a media star.

    No one cares anymore about marital infidelity in politics. (Newt seems to be doing okay!) It is not just Democrats that get away with it anymore – it is everyone. Please stop listening to Fox News talking points.

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