Grisanti vs…. Panepinto?

Marc Panepinto

I’m hearing that Hoytian local attorney Marc Panepinto is seriously considering challenging Republican State Senator Mark Grisanti for SD-60. Grisanti is a former Democrat who defected to the Republican Party and won a very hard-fought election against current Realtor Antoine Thompson.

Although Grisanti endeared himself to Democrats in his district in the wake of his vote on same sex marriage earlier this year, it is an overwhelmingly Democratic district, and unknown what the electorate’s overall thoughts are concerning the Senator’s other policy positions and actions.

No word yet on whether Thompson might want a rematch, as well.


  • It was an overwhelmingly Democratic district when Grisanti slapped Thompson out of existence. Panepinto will have to come out swinging to even have a chance. The only negatives I have heard about Grisanti have come from outside the district. And those voices mean little.

  • Grisanti’s biggest negative is the R next to his name. If the district looks like it does now, Grisanti will be in trouble no matter who the Democrat is. Thompson would have won with the increased Black turnout from a Presidential year election. It is pretty hard to believe that Grisanti will take 85%+ in Grand Island and City of Tonawanda against anyone not named Antoine Thompson. And without those numbers, it will be difficult to win that district again. Now if the district Grisanti might have a chance, but it depends on how it all shakes out.

  • GREAT!!! Fresh off his role in driving the Maria Whyte candidacy into a ditch, Panepinto announces this?? This dude has been a thug in local politics for twenty-plus years. His candidacy could also put an end to Assemblyman Sean Ryan, who actually could be a decent assemblyman, but who could fall along with Panepinto due a primary against both due to dems who hate Panepinto. Of course his lovely wife is now in year one of a 14-year term as a supreme court justice at about $140,000 per year, and Panepinto as senator at about $80,000, would be a great payday for the Panepinto family. But don’t worry too much, Panepinto will blow it again on this race, but please Mark don’t take others down with you! Ya think the brawl between Panepinto and Turchelli, and all the other thuggery Panepinto is know for will help or hurt???? Or his near disbarment by the state appellate division after Mark admitted forgery on campaign documents in the 1990s? Lots more for any primary challenger when you look into this guys backround.

  • “It is pretty hard to believe that Grisanti will take 85%+ in Grand Island and City of Tonawanda against anyone not named Antoine Thompson.”

    If Grisanti can eliminate the tolls for entering into Grand Island, he can surpass those numbers.

  • Wasn’t Marc Panepinto involved in the upper circles of Local 210 when it was controlled by organized crime? Wasn’t he neck deep in some union thuggery for Local 210? Let me know if I’m wrong. Mark seems that he might be carrying some heavy duty baggage. Some of this was alluded to by Say What. I don’t know if it would be a wise move to run. It could reflect on his wife’s position as a judge. I wouldn’t vote for either one of them.

  • yep, guilty as charged.

    and from the Niagara Falls Reporter this Pulitzer worthy expose, lol.

    Panepinto, Grisanti, and Thompson, oh my….looks like we’re still stuck in Buffalo ToTo.

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