Georgia Militia: Let's Rain Ricin on Washington

In 2009, the Department of Homeland Security issued a report warning of the risk to American lives from right-wing extremists.

The American Limbaughist commentariat blew a gasket, accusing the DHS of a sweeping indictment of all conservatives. Never mind that it was prepared during the Bush Administration.

Since that time, we’ve had a guy fly a plane into an IRS office, an abortion providing OB/GYN shot to death in Kansas, people shot by a neo-Nazi at the Holocaust Museum, ¬†and many other acts of murder and mayhem perpetrated by the violent, extremist right wing in this country. The Southern Poverty Law Center has a comprehensive list.

The most recent one involved four old tea party / right wing / militia types who wanted to manufacture ricin and sprinkle it across the whole of Washington, DC to murder as many innocent men, women, and children as they could.

Is it isolated madmen doing this? Sure. But they’re fueled in part by anti-government rhetoric and other nihilist propaganda that comes from the American right nowadays. Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, a former ultra right-wing anti-jihadist type has had a complete re-awakening in recent years and now dedicates his time to exposing this type of rhetoric.

Either way, we needn’t attack the DHS for investigating, researching, and assessing risks to our safety – regardless of how closely aligned the prospective¬†perpetrators¬†are to our way of thinking.



  • This looks like Hank bait.

  • Cant blame feds for

    these guys…

  • And you thought you needed to comment on month-old news now? Why, exactly? Just feeling your new-found angry lefty voice here on AV?

    The old farts in GA had about as much chance of success as every other “terrorist” arrested by our government in recent years: None. They get set up by an agent sitting in with them as they bitched their way through their morning coffee at Denny’s.

    As for that spooooooky report, yes, we do need to attack the DHS for wasting so much money in such galling fashion. It’s too bad none of the GOP candidates have the nuts to plan to shut that craphole down.

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